1 Cycle

3 Steps to success

Theory, that acts in practice

Sales Enablement

Contrary to well-established and understood areas such as finance, marketing and sales, the sales enablement is still in the discovery phase and specially for different companies and different modes of actions.


Partner Management

With Partner Management or Partner Relationship Management we mean a kit of methods, strategies, software and web-based portals. These support you in more detail to put your partners on your business and to guide them along your offers.


Events and Exhibitions

"Business is between people" and people are emotional. This is banal but in times of technical dependence it's important to find the key factor to our motivation when we accompany events and exhibitions.

Face to face meetings are now more important than ever, your guests demanding, the pressure and impatiency while organizating the threads before, during and after every event with a high level of complexity and in an interdisciplinary way.