Partner Management

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to achieve long term cooperation

B2B marketing is becoming an increasingly important part of Partner Relationship Management (PRM). Build strong relationships with your partners with our smart web portal solutions. Strategic Partner Marketing is the key to sustainable cooperation. The constant exchange between you and your partners will boost sales and is a fun way to share information.

  • Enables you to give your partners rapid access to essential information
  • Entertains your partner with attractive content
  • Allows you to receive valuable feedback from your partners - unfiltered and straight from the market
  • Answers your unspoken questions
  • Links information with your CRM and ERP systems
  • Lets you present your company as vital and flexible

We understand PRM not only as a technical platform but rather as a system of methods, strategies and technical tools that will facilitate the management of performance and delivery.

In general, reliable systems, robust processes and user-friendly procedures are required to operate this duty. Technically speaking, PRM solutions consist of at least one content management system, a partner database for single sign-on and rights management, as well as a document management system for managing product, price and training documents.

With the introduction of a PRM system, it's possible to reduce costs by a measurable amount and appreciably simplify and accelerate the partner management. This is typically achieved by offering

  • Automation of partnerships (for example by means of a learning management system), partner certification and, something that is often neglected, partner accreditation.
  • Registration programmes for lead and closing business opportunities
  • Reward and loyalty programmes