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Notes on Data Protection at

I. Consent

By entering your personal and company data as well as by giving your explicit consent to the procedure per mouse click during your registration process at componio GmbH (supplier) you declare that you agree that the supplier processes and uses your data to process and execute your order as well as for further purposes as subsequently stated. You are entitled to revoke your consent at any time with effect in the future.


II. General Principles

Data protection, data security and protection of secrets are of top priority for componio GmbH.

1. Data Protection

componio GmbH, owner of the portal as a company under private law is subject to the provi-sions of the German Federal Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz - BDSG) and Telecommunication Protection Act (TDDSG).
In these notes on data protection, as set out here, explanation is given about which personal data componio GmbH records during the ordering process and while you use the portal, and how these data are processed and used by componio GmbH.
The notes, as set out here, do not, however, apply to companies which may refer to the website of by a link or for companies whose websites are referred to from with a link.
componio GmbH reserves the right to adjust the information given in these notes on data.

2. Data Security

We have taken extensive technical and operational precautionary measures to protect your data delivered to componio GmbH against unauthorized access and misuse, which we check on a regular basis and adjust according to the current technological standard.


III. Data Collection and Processing at componio GmbH

1. Visiting


When you visit, componio GmbH collects the following data:

Description System/Entry Company/Personal Data
Browser type System company data
Customer’s Operating System System company data
IP addresses System company data
Time the customer is online System personal data
Websites the customer visits at System personal data
Order, download and online activation of software System / Eingabe personal data
Further information, comments et al. Entry company data/personal data

2. Data Collection and Processing during the Ordering Process


During the ordering process of software componio GmbH collects the following data:

Description Company/Personal Data
Company company data
First name* personal data
Surname* personal data
Address* company data/personal data
Additional information company data/personal data
Zip code* company data/personal data
City* company data/personal data
Country* company data/personal data
Phone company data/personal data
Fax company data/personal data
e-mail* company data/personal data
Receives newsletter - yes company data/personal data
Sales tax number company data
Billing data, alternative 1:
Credit card organization (visa, mastercard, etc.) (Visa, Mastercard etc.)* personal data
Credit card number* personal data
Credit card check digits* personal data
Credit card expiry date* personal data
Credit card holder* personal data
Billing data, alternative 2:
Account number* company data/personal data
Bank code* company data/personal data
Account holder* company data/personal data

Response to the items marked with * is mandatory.


3. How and for what Purpose will componio GmbH use the Data delivered?


componio GmbH uses the data collected by the system for the preparation of general statistics about the usage.
componio GmbH uses the data you entered exclusively for the purpose of performing and processing the contract. In addition, componio GmbH makes use of the personal data for marketing actions such as sending e-mails containing important information or advertisements only to the extent you give explicit permission to do so (opt-in). Should you not be interested in obtaining such information, you may unsubscribe this service per e-mail at any time. componio GmbH transfers the billing data to the bank or credit card organization the customer named or to their respective acquirers as far as this is required.
Furthermore, componio GmbH does not pass on delivered personal data to outside third parties, unless there is an obligation in this respect as decreed by the authorities or the customer clearly gave his consent to do so.
The data will be stored solely for the purpose of the contract process, legally required storage, audit and preservation of evidence until they are completely deleted after a period of ten years.


IV. Cookies currently uses temporary cookies to make their internet services more customer-friendly, effective and secure. These so-called “Session-Cookies” are always deleted on your departure of the Internet site. componio GmbH reserves the right, however, to use the (non-temporary) cookies later for potential improvement, development and/or any other changes to the Internet services offered by componio GmbH.


V. Enquiries and Contact


For any questions or comments on data protection and data security at please refer to privacy-[AT] *.


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