Exhibition and event organization

An open platform that serves your events throughout their entire lifetime.

Your guests, costumers, partners and employees can manage the before, during and after of every event. However, you can determine their roles and what information each individual fills.

Allow your guests, partners and employees a fast and easy registration process. With expOrga this is done through the printing of name tags for every person and making them known via wireless technology to the system. This allows fast and automatic management of the associated persons at your event.

At the information desk the air is burning, but thanks to expOrga your reception team keeps cool. A table for 4 in the catering area at 11 am: Free and Booked. A VIP room to follow-up: unfortunately not instantly available, but in connection with a half-hour tour in your native language – booked! - Our platform keeps your options open

"I'm looking for Mrs. Graf" it echoes the tour. A simple search on expOrga Persons by the friendly receptionists, one click and the telephone connection is established. The receiver is not accesible - typical, even fair! No problem, a few lines on the profile page of Mrs. Graf and it all depends on the availability and personal settings, via SMS, chat or Messenger service via the contact seeker. Network-based communication, open protocols and dedicated communication paths. Your budget, your receptionists and all your guests will thank you.

Give your sales teams and marketers precise and hard numbers at hand. This not only means variable dashboards and graphical reporting in our expOrga platform, but also via data interfaces to third party systems such as Salesforce and SugarCRM. Quantify the "return of investment" and the success of your events.

We can provide more than just a technical platform. Working together with our strong and carefully selected partners to get an experienced, professional and well-rehearsed team, which events can accompany from 100 to 50000 people and even more. Talk to us and we'll shoot your event to new heights.