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"Business is between people" and people are emotional. This banal but in times of technical dependency important finding is fueling our motivation and passion while we accompany events and exhibitions. With expOrga have we created a platform that scales from small to large, from 100 to 51900 people and more - intuitive, automated, sociable and robust.

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Portal in a Box

A modular software system with open-source components that creates a complex and user-friendly portal landscape. Products, APIs and experiences in the open-source environment since 2005! The result: a modular system that allows for rapid, customized and cost-effective development of a web portal solution.

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Open-Source Mission

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Developing solutions for the open-source content management system OpenCms can become cumbersome. Sooner or later you will ask yourself: How do I bridge the gap between the database driven virtual file system and the real file system so that I can use my IDE of choice? The answer:

Meet nbDriva



skinnDriva™ is a theme engine framework for the open-source content management system OpenCms. Create your own themes, use and adapt themes from the community and switch styles within minutes.

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