Precise Foundations

A modular system with large open-source components to create complex portal landscapes.

We love open-source

Since 2005 we have continuously developed web portals and implemented early and consistently, products, libraries and experiences in the open-source environment. At the same time we ourselves open-source the libraries and products we develop, all for the community.

Until this date, we have not regretted that decision because you help to grow the PiBo Framework which has arisen in our home and which selected open source componentes can play perfectly with each other.

The result: a modular system that allow us rapid, cutomized and cost-effective development of a web portal solution. Below you will find the most important building blocks of this box, which have guided us and with whom we could gather a wealth of experience.

The open-source system OpenCms from Alkacon is our window for your digital visitors, customers and employees in your portal landscape. Robust, with a user-friendly interface, customizable and open-source, it serves small and large teams the same way and can also help you solve such things as the year-sales kick-off for 1100+ people to be solved effortlessly. Content editors work with only one system and operate in real time, for example, a content management, a portal and a document management system - all through a single interface.

The software glue that holds everything together. The open-source full text search engine SOLR provides you with a powerful tool to your side. Your stubborn legacy application takes just input in the new portal landscape, such as the Liferay portal and your board solution (JForum, Woltlab, anyone?). This. Without complex and constantly changing interfaces but by means of a standardized and scalable full-text index. For the technical interested: We can also be elastic but currently we like the sun more; without any ideological blinkers.

Another open-source heavyweight that enables a simple way to managing relationships and its mapping to a relational diagram. Social networks, groups, social collaboration, Portlet bridge to OpenCms, ... Here we could cite many reasons why this module makes your life easier and solve your problems. Meet us for a coffee. True to our motto: Ready to launch with us?

Other component pushed to their limits in terms of assets, Alfresco is just the beginning of the warm up. The fuel of each document management missile. Revisioning, collaborative work on documents, CMIS, category trees, workflows and more. Alfresco dominated even when Roll Pitch Maneuever was foolproof and still remains on course.